General information about Couplings

A hose coupling is simply a connector located on the end of a hose. It couples, or connects, with a hose, tap or water source and it typically made of brass, stainless-steel or aluminium. The key characteristics are: the size 1/4” till 6”, thread standard and gender. A male coupling has threads on the outside, a female coupling has threads on the inside. Some couplings are “sexless”, Storz, for example, is a quarter-turn quick connection.

There are also some different threads like:

• BSP Thread stand for British Standard Pipe thread BSP thread is mainly used in Europe.

• NPT thread stands for National Pipe thread, this thread in mainly used in USA and on oil platforms.

• ANST thread stands for American National Standard thread also called Liberty thread. 

ANST thread or Liberty thread is mainly used in the USA. The name Liberty thread comes from the Liberty ships. The Liberty ships were cargo ships that were built during the Second World War and became the symbol of the industrial military mass production of the US. 


General information about Nozzles

3 Position nozzles

• Positions:

1= shut-off

2= spray

3= flow

• Nozzles comes with coupling suitable to connect the hose couplings of the ship.


Multi purpose nozzles

• The jet spray nozzles makes it possible to choose full jet or variable spray from the shut off position.


Multi purpose nozzles with manshield

• To protect firemans when holding the nozzle against heat and smoke, a water curtain can be added

 to the full spray yet.


As a lot of countries have their own type of couplings Alligator keeps stock of all the existing types. 

For each type of coupling we have also the adapters with female thread and we have the nozzles with male thread, so that we can supply the couplings and nozzles to the ships standard. 

Of course we keep the most common nozzles completely in stock.

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