Rockwool, also known as mineral wool or stone wool is a type of insulation made from actual stone. Because it is an excellent insulator, sound baffle and possesses a very high melting point, Rockwool is used in a wide array of products and applications.

Creating Rockwool is that the rock is heated until it becomes liquid (basically the same as lava/magma). It is then spun out into a long, fibrous threads which are captured and tightly bound in a matrix very similar to the more well-known fiberglass. The individual fiber strands are excellent heat conductors. However, the final Rockwool batts or rolls retain heat well, trapping pockets of air to slow heat transfer.

It’s most common use is as residential and commercial insulation, Because of Rockwool’s extraordinary high melting point, it is often used for fire stops, fire proofing and other temperature sensitive applications.

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